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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Irish Cemetery

This Irish Heart of Mine

This irish heart of mine
Is the part that makes me whole
It stirs me way down deep inside
To the depths of my very soul

Being irish isn't just a place your from
Distant relatives from a distant isle
It's the spirit within you as you journey through life
And living it with grace and a smile

Being irish isn't just a song on St. Pat's
To be sung and forgotten next year
It can't be bought or put on like a hat
Or swept away like a tear

Being irish is a choice we make
The pride in being you
It's a choice to give more than you take
And a positive point of view

Being irish is showing our faith every day
To perservere when times get tough
And to know everythings going to be okay
When we think we've had enough

Being irish is accepting what we're given to do
Even when we want to say 'no'
Do the best that we can, each day brand new
And to always let love show

This irish heart of mine
Is the part that I love best
I'll show I'm irish all my life
Because I feel so blessed
Kathleen West

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