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Sunday, January 2, 2011

You know you're addicted to genealogy when...

Salt Lake City, UT
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You brake for libraries.
You hyperventilate at the sight of an old cemetery.
You would rather browse in a cemetery than a shopping mall.
You would rather read census schedules than a good book.
You are more interested in what happened in 1697 than 1997.
Savage, Torry, and Pope are household names, but
you cannot remember what to call the dog.
You can pinpoint Harrietsham, Hawkhurst, Kent, but
can't locate your state capitol on the map.
You think every home should have a
copier and a microfilm reader.
You know every registrar of deeds in the state
by name, but they lock the doors when they see you coming.
You store your clothes under the bed, because
your closet is full of books and papers.
All your correspondence begins "Dear Cousin".
You have traced every one of your ancestral
lines back to Adam and Eve, have it
documented, and still don't want to quit.

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