Quotation of the Day

Friday, May 8, 2015

We are....

“We're all ghosts.  We all carry,
  inside us,  people who came before us.”


Take care of all your memories.
For you cannot relive them.

The Challenge

"The challenge I give you as a genealogist is to reach beyond the vital statistics to a new world of understanding, both of your ancestors and of yourself. Preserve those details of your family in written form that will bring understanding to many others and truly enable their hearts - along with your own - to turn to their fathers. Someone has said that there is little point in digging up an ancestor if you aren't going to make him live. If that is true - and I believe it is - your job is not finished until you feel a bit of what he felt, have shared vicariously in his joys and heartaches - perhaps shed a tear with him in his sorrow laughed at the humor in his life, and felt pride in his accomplishment." - Val D. Greenwood

Prayer For Genealogists

“Lord, help me dig into the past, 
And sift the sands of time, 
That I might find the roots that made 
This family tree mine.
Lord, help me trace the ancient roads, 
On which my fathers trod, 
And led them through so many lands, 
To find our present sod.
Lord, help me find an ancient book, 
Or dusty manuscript, 
That's safely hidden now away, 
In some forgotten crypt,
Lord, let it bridge the gap that haunts 
My soul, when I can't find 
The missing link between some name 
That ends the same as mine.”


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